Improving Patient Outcomes with Resorbable Embolization

Embolisation technology

Why Resorbable?

Resorbable microspheres increase safety by reducing the impact of non-target embolization, facilitate re-intervention, and fully restore vascular circulation. This emerging technology provides meaningful long-term benefits and is preferred by patients.

CrannMed was founded in 2018 with the aim of bringing together world-leading clinical, material science and delivery system experts to deliver the benefits of resorbable embolization to patients worldwide.

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SakuraBead for Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Osteoarthritis is a degenerative cycle where swelling of the knee joint leads to the breakdown of knee cartilage and causes chronic pain in sufferers.

Current treatment options aim to manage the pain experienced by patients but does not treat the underlying cause of the disease. As a consequence, patients progress to more aggressive treatments as the disease progresses, most ultimately require knee replacement surgery.

SakuraBead takes a radically different approach and is able to reduce the chronic swelling associated with knee osteoarthritis, thereby reducing pain and interrupting the degradation cycle of osteoarthritis which can slow or even halt the disease progression.

Studies have shown this combination of factors can slow or even halt disease progression. This new approach offers significant hope for the 196 million globally who suffer from symptomatic knee osteoarthritis.

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EmboSure for Knee

0 million

In the EU and US alone, 30 million people are clinically diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis and are actively receiving treatment

0 %

50% of those receiving treatment are unable to leave their house unassisted

0 %

60% ultimately resort to Total Knee Replacement

0 years old

KOA appearing in younger patients; the average age of diagnosis 72 in 2001 → 54 in 2018

Why Resorbable

How does Resorbable Embolization Technology Work?

SakuraBead microspheres are precisely calibrated microspheres, made from organic materials, which block the small blood vessels proliferating in the soft tissue of a osteoarthritic knee. The microspheres reduce inflammation and pain, and disrupt the osteoarthritic degradation cycle before they are completely reabsorbed into the body and blood supply is restored.

CrannMed’s microspheres have been optimized for Genicular (Knee) Artery Embolization (GAE) due to the need to embolize smaller vessels and the need for quick reabsorption.

Committed to Improving Patients’ Lives

At CrannMed we have identified an unmet clinical need and assembled an exceptionally talented group of clinicians, biochemists, and engineers to develop the technology. Working alongside them is a team of commercial and regulatory experts.

As a company our sole focus is on bringing our embolization product and associated delivery systems to market, to provide new alternatives for those suffering chronic pain.

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