The CrannMed team are delighted to welcome Dr Yilun Koethe to their Advisory Board. Dr Koethe will join existing Board members Dr Ari Isaacson, Dr Mark Little, Andy Lewis, PhD and Helen Ryan.

Dr Koethe completed her medical degree at the Duke University School of Medicine and progressed to the Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute to undertake training in Interventional Radiology. She is currently an Assistant Professor and Associate Director in Interventional Oncology at the Dotter Department of Interventional Radiology in Portland, Oregon. At the Dotter Institute, Dr Koethe has successfully partnered with her orthopaedic colleagues to establish a growing Geniculate Artery Embolisation (GAE) practice.

With this partnership, she is pioneering the use of GAE in patients with permanent medical comorbidities that exclude the patients from surgery, patients who need medium-term pain relief and improved mobility until they qualify for surgery and patients deemed too young to have knee replacement surgery.