EmboSure for Knee Osteoarthritis

Current Osteoarthritis Care

Knee Osteoarthritis patients currently have very poor treatment options. Given the progressive nature of the disease, patients inevitably become resistant to multiple pharmaceutical interventions leading to a daily battle with constant pain.

Resorbable Embolisation Technology

Developing a Better Alternative Treatment

Knee Osteoarthritis leads to a terrible quality of life with patients reporting chronic pain for an average of 13 years from clinical diagnosis to the almost inevitable knee replacement. As a consequence of the chronic pain and reduced mobility the disease has a very significant societal burden estimated to be 1.5% of GDP in developed nations.

Knee Osteoarthritis now increasingly affects a younger patient population (45-65 years), leaving them in chronic pain, forcing them out of the workforce and increasing the likelihood of other  medical issues. 

Up until now patients have had no option but to give in and accept that knee pain is an inevitable part of the aging process, at CrannMed we want to help change this and restore people to healthy living.


How does EmboSure Work?

Knee Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory disease with persistent chronic inflammation. Effectively, this swelling within the knee is the mechanism by which pressure increases and cartilage wear accelerates in osteoarthritic patients.

EmboSure microspheres are delivered through a microcatheter to the targeted vessels of the knee where they temporarily shut down the blood flow in the swollen region. The elimination of blood flow reduces swelling in the same way that an ice-pack can reduce swelling in a swollen ankle.

In our case, it results in a sustainable disruption of the inflammation cascade leading to a long-term reduction in chronic swelling. This leads to an immediate improvement in patient pain scores.


Embosure for Knee Osteoarthritis
Embosure for Knee Osteoarthritis

Resorbable Materials for Future Interventions

Uniquely, our technology works directly on the inflammatory mechanism of osteoarthritic degradation.

EmboSure will not impede any future alternative therapies – the use of resorbable materials ensures that reintervention, current treatments or even surgery remain viable options.

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