FlowSwift Delivery System

Targeted Delivery

Effective embolization is dependent on the precise delivery of microspheres to the intended anatomical target. As resorbable embolization opens up new therapeutic areas, it also creates new delivery challenges.

embosphere delivery system

Developing Next Generation Delivery Devices

Reaching musculoskeletal targets typically requires steering from large conduits such as the SFA, brachial or circumflex into smaller vessels with abrupt and acute take-off angles from the parent artery.

CrannMed are developing a next generation microcatheter to help improve access to this challenging anatomy. It is our expectation that improved delivery systems will help to drive the continued acceleration of embolization as a therapeutic tool.

The FlowSwift Microcatheter Platform

Our range of FlowSwift microcatheters (1.9fr – 2.7fr) have optimized back-up support to steer into these acute angles and access target arteries with ease.

FlowSwift will take on this demanding vascular pathway and deliver our resorbable microspheres directly into the targeted neovessels associated with painful joints and tendons.

FlowSwift is not currently approved in the United States or European Union.