SakuraBead for Lower Back Pain

Current Lower Back Pain Care

Lower back pain is the number one reason for lost work days in the western world, and is consistently among the top three reasons cited for why people visit their doctors. In excess of €10bn is spent on treatments for lower back pain annually.

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Common Causes

As with knee osteoarthritis, there are very few effective treatments endorsed by the various physician societies.

In facet joint osteoarthritis and spondylosis – two of the more common causes of lower back pain – we see the same pattern of chronic local inflammation characterised by the proliferation of neo-vessels within the vasculature at the site of pain.

In a small, limited group of human trials with patients who had exhausted alternative treatments, significant pain relief was  achieved as a result of embolization. While the results of embolization are hugely encouraging, preclinical animal studies have reported the potential for serious adverse events, including paralysis, as a result of non-target embolization to the adjacent spine.

Lumbar Embolization

There is a strong clinical consensus that the benefits of lumbar embolization can only be realised when the likelihood of these serious adverse events occurring is removed. SakuraBead has the capability to solve this problem and unlock the extraordinary potential of lower back embolization.

SakuraBead is engineered to create necrosis in neo-vessels while degrading, before causing damage to native vascular tissue – this creates the unique possibility of using this material for lumbar embolization.

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